Friday, February 13, 2015

hello cupid

Valentine's Day...

While it may be the day that most people associate with romance and all things love-ly, I get to celebrate the birth of a special little man on February 14th each year. True to his birthdate my not-so-little little brother is a definite Casanova!

It's not to say that SW and I ignore the day entirely, just that we are less sap & more silly. We're best friends to the core & usually pass the day by exchanging some ridiculously goofy cards and watching a movie at home. While we won't partake in any of the "festivities" necessarily, I do absolutely love seeing what others bake, make, and pull together for the day - be it for the perfect girls only girl power celebration or a special night with that special someone. In the spirit of love I've pulled together a few of my favourite Valentine's Day projects, along with a list of some of the love related goodies that I'm lusting after.

Head over to Decor8 and check out there list of 28 Creative DIY Ideas for Valentine's Day - including these adorable Love Letter Cookies.

Oh hello, scrumptious Chocolate Peppermint Kiss Cupcakes. These might just make the roster for Valentine's dinner! 

Spread a little love with the Big Love Ball from this awesome Vancouver-based company. What an awesome way to jazz up a photo shoot with anyone you're feeling the love for. 

So, what's on the top of my Valentine's wish list? The cute little polar bear takes the cake. I know, I know - stuffed animals are cheesy and cliche, and totally remind me of being a smitten pre-teen. Anyone else? This little guy is completely and utterly different, and definitely worthy of being the ultimate Valentine's Day gift in my mind. The World Wildlife Fund is running an adorable Valentine's Day promotion complete with Lindt chocolate and these adorable little animals. You can support the WWF by symbolically adopting a number of threatened and endangered species from the Great White North to the plains of Africa. What better way to celebrate a day that's all about love than sending some seriously good vibes out into the universe - hearts, kisses and all!

XO Alex 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

a return to monday

As I'm sitting here typing this and trying to assemble some of my current obessesions/pieces, my pup is sleeping next to me... tongue fully out, paws racing, and whistlesnoring in all of its glory. While SW and I (and the rest of the world I'm sure) are racing around to pack lunches, make dinners and prep for the start of a new week, our little furry guy is completely oblivious. No stress, no fuss, no muss. There's something to be said for taking a cue from our furry friends and letting life ebb & flow as it may.

On that note, he's also completely oblivious to the fact that he's the reason that we vacuum what feels like everyday and will never be able to buy that phenomenal white sofa, but that's why I get to vie after other beautiful (and more practical) things. To kick start a new year of blogging & redecorating I decided to pull together some of my recent loves. 

Here's to a new year (52 weeks and all) of monday must haves! 

Over the course of the next year I fully intend to continue bringing the monday must have lists, along with the added additions of some peaks inside our home and the progress that we have made over the past few months in the house. I would love to hear what you would like to see from the blog over the next year - just leave me a note in the comments! 

Alex XO

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello 2015! 

Normally I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, everyone makes one & almost no one sticks to them. This year however, I'm feeling like I need to reset and re-evaluate. 2014 saw the start of a new position in my job, the completion of my third degree & the ups and many downs of hunting for a career. With all that in mind, here are a few things that I hope to complete in 2015!

1. find my center ... yoga used to be my quiet time, my reflection time & my unwind time. During the course of the last year I pretty much stopped cold turkey due to time and finances & SW was nice enough to purchase me a month membership for my birthday ... that was in October and I still have yet to get my butt back to the mat. I need to take back that time to myself & reconnect with those small corners of me that I've been ignoring way to long.

The quotes that I've tacked throughout this post are my guiding mantras for the year to come. Those little reminders to let life happen, to let go, to laugh often, breathe deeply & take nothing for granted. I have them pinned behind my desk & folded up in wallet as gentle nudges when I've become too engrossed in the usual ebb & flow.

2. read, read, read ... I've been reading & reciting books since I was a kid. My mom & grandma are both bookworms and it was a habit that I picked up readily. Friends will be the first to tell you that a good friday night for me consists of perusing Chapters, looking at all the gorgeous covers & trying to decide which book to take home with me. I want to get back to that, & to the relaxation and imagination that getting lost in a good book brings.

3. invest time & effort into the career hunt ... while I would like to say that I have been totally focused on getting myself flung into the career world that would be a total and utter lie. The completion of my degrees, three in total, amounted to a total of twenty years of being in school. To say that I was adjusting well to being out of the education system & into the working world would be a farce. Honestly, since I finished I have almost felt lost, a feeling that I am sure is felt by an infinite number of new grads out there. Compounding this is the fact that the jobs available in my field, with my education background, have little to no appeal to me, which in has left me feeling both confused & disappointed. A teacher once told me our generation would change careers over 10 times in their lifetime - a statistic that I scoffed at. It turns out that she was right, and this year I am determined to find something that I enjoy doing & am passionate about, regardless if it fits into the constraints of what I am educationally geared to do.

With that, here are a few things that I am loving as we head into the New Year!

|| book || pillow || bag || art || cutlery || mala bracelet || sandals || table || dress || ring || sofa ||

Thank you for following along lovelies - here is hoping 2015 brings you all the joy & happiness in the world!

Alex XO

Monday, December 8, 2014

holiday gift guide

Happy Monday! 

It has quite honestly been far (faaaaaaar) too long since I've posted anything here - sorry peeps. I just felt like I needed a little breather, and needed to make some progress on a few things in our house before I wanted to fill my head with more design ideas. That being said, progress has been seriously made. If you follow me on instagram, you know that SW and I recently purchased the most fabulous table from Black Rooster and are in the progress of having new chairs upholstered - yippee!

To kick the holiday season off right here at Erin Avenue I thought that I would pull together a few gift guides to help your shopping for that special someone or in case you felt like spoiling yourself on behalf of Santa!

For Her:

For Him:

What's your must have gift this year? For me it's this glorious print from Suzanne Koett!

XO Alex

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

what i'm loving...

With it being the long weekend Monday came and went in a did Tuesday apparently, which is why I'm bringing you some of my current loves a little late. Can you believe summer is over - well not officially - but the start of a new school year certainly does ring in fall.

Have I mentioned that I love fall? Well, I do. Chunky knits, cold nights, and cute boots - its my favourite season - it's also the time of year where my birthday happens to fall but shh no one has to know!

This week I've used a room recently posted by Domino as some seriously awesome inspiration. It's all about gorgeous jewel tones and glam accents. If you follow me on instagram you know that I recently scored some awesome glass pieces from my gramma which are the prefect shade of amethyst - hello, colour crush!


|| one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ten || eleven || 

XO Alex

Friday, August 22, 2014

friday i'm in love

We made it! It's Friday… 

| image via Mary Meyer Interiors |

I would normally be much more excited to usher in the arrival of Friday, however I work… all weekend. Which means little down time, although there are some potential home purchases/deliveries/decisions that are getting made regarding our own project dining room & the super sneaky yet-to-be-shown project living room here at Erin Avenue. With the advent of the weekend, here are a few of my favourite links this week: 

|| shopping || i am totally obsessed with the incredible jewelry from Macy Carlisle Design - the small quartz arrowhead is on my wish list. 

|| art || the incredibly talented Laura Charlton and her superb fractured stills of NYC art - I featured one of her pieces in the design for our dining room!

|| interiors || the fabulously curated home of Nicole Cohen of Sketch 42. Girl is a bonafide triple threat, from art to design to blogging. Check out her awesome space on Rue & while your at it scoop of some of her art from UPLO

|| bloggers || it's no secret that I love me some beautiful spaces & some equally as awesome bloggers. Mary Meyer of Mary Meyer Interiors aka I Like it Lovely fits the bill perfectly. I seriously want to adopt her entire living room space into my house. She nails it every time and always has on-point content. She will be your new favourite trust me. Check out her instagram too for all the extra goodies!

|| watch || its hard not to drool when talking about the new show I'm obsessing over. Diana Galbadon's Outlander series has been a permanent fixture on my reading list (although I'm the person who reads the end of the book before the first just to make sure that Jamie and Claire are still together - yep I'm that person). The new Outlander series on Starz has not disappointed. Gorgeous accents, a hunky Scot in a kilt and some serious sexual tension…what more does a girl need!

XO Alex 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

olympia bermann

Hello lovelies, 

I recently stumbled upon the gorgeous apartment of Olympia Bermann, who just so happens to also be the Senior Knitwear designer for J.Crew & has some pretty stellar genes (her mom is Michelle Lloyd - half of Lloyd Ralphs Designs). 

Her NYC apartment is tiny at best (only 600 square feet) but what she manages to achieve in such a small space is truly incredible. 


| images via Daily Dream Decor |

Completely beautiful right? I love how she has gorgeously layered different pieces that give the apartment such visual interest. A few of the art pieces are even her own work - hella talented! 

XO Alex